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CDL ELDT Passenger Endorsement


FMCSA Certified with Automatic Reporting


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Passenger Endorsement Theory is an ELDT Training Online with CDL Mentors. It is required to obtain Passenger Endorsement, FMCSA approved, with instant reporting to the FMCSA upon completion.

Course Description

  • Take on your PC, mobile, or tablet — On your schedule
  • FMCSA Certified with Automatic Reporting
  • Accepted in all 50 States
  • Portal for Business/School/Entities
  • Straightforward Pricing
  • Study When You Want

Key concepts covered include:

  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Loading and Trip Starting
  • On the Road
  • After-Trip Vehicle Inspection
  • Prohibited Practices
  • Use of Brake-Door Interlocks
As of February 7th, 2022, the FMCSA has made it a requirement to complete the CDL ELDT Passenger Endorsement Theory Course. We are able to make this possible by making our newly updated FMCSA-approved ELDT Theory Course accessible, fast and easy.

Roadmap To Your Passenger Endorsements

ELDT Theory Online Training

You must to register for the CDL ELDT Passenger Endorsement Theory Training Course.
We will submit your records to FMCSA once completed.

Road Test

Take the CDL passenger endorsement road exam once you complete required training, and obtain your CDL license with the passenger endorsement once you pass.

Behind-The-Wheel Training

Once you finish your ELDT online course, you can start with behind-the-wheel training to practice driving a passenger bus.
Your practice hours will be reported to FMCSA once completed.