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  1. Register for the Texas Adult Drivers Ed, finish the six-hour course and written test.
  2. Receive your Certificate of Completion.
  3. Head to DPS to obtain your learners permit.
  4. Register for driving lessons, or a driving test with Travis Driving School.

It contains 6 hours worth of content, for example: learning all the rules and signs on the road. Most importantly, it will prepare you to pass the written test. The certified DPS written test will be included and available after completing the 6 hour course. No need to wait a long line to do the written test at DPS. The test will consist of 30 multiple-choice questions. You have one hour to complete the test and must score at least 70% or better (at least 21 out of 30 questions correct) in order to pass and receive a Certificate of Completion from Travis Driving School. If you fail the written test, you can review previous content and take it again with no cost. There are no limits on how many times you can retake the test.

  • Adult Drivers Ed Course Certificate of Completion.
  • Birth Certificate or Passport
  • Social Security Card: If you need a Security Card, you will need to order one.
  • Proof of Residency. Two of any of the following: Deed, mortgage statement, valid Texas voter registration card, utility bills, bank statement, etc.
  • DL-14A: DPS Application for Learner’s License.
  • $16 Learner’s License Fee

No, the online course certificate only proves that you have passed the required DPS written test.  Therefore, you will still have to go to the DPS to obtain a learners permit to take practice lessons, or to complete the driving test.

You will be able to download and print your certificate right after course completion.

You can take our courses anywhere in the world, however, the certificate will only be eligible to use anywhere in Texas.

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