Gift Ideas for New Drivers

Passing your driving test and getting your license is a major achievement and certainly one worth celebrating. If a family member or friend has recently passed their test, you can help them commemorate the moment by choosing a great present. For inspiration, take a look at these ‘just passed’ gift ideas for new drivers:

Key Finder and Key Ring

If you want to help a new driver avoid the panic that is losing their keys (and the hassle it entails), gift them their very own key finder and key ring. Bluetooth keyring fobs are an easy way to keep track of your keys, which means new drivers will never have to take the bus because they can’t get into their car! Attach the finder to a novelty or personalized keyring and you’ve got the perfect ‘just passed’ present.

De-icer and scraper

Things like de-icer and a scraper are essential in every vehicle but they’re things that a new driver might not automatically think of. To ensure your loved one is well-prepared for winter weather, give them de-icer and a scraper. Even better – put them in a handy carry case so they can fit snugly in the vehicle without getting lost under the seats.

Parking Sensors

Although some cars are fitted with parking sensors, not all models offer this feature. If you know that the recipient’s vehicle isn’t equipped with in-built sensors, you can make their life a whole lot easier by giving parking sensors as a gift. They can be retrofitted to virtually any vehicle and they make parallel parking or getting into a tight car park space a breeze.

Dash Cam

For today’s drivers. dashcams are an essential piece of car kit. If an incident occurs on the road, having video footage helps to determine who was at fault. What’s more – it can put a halt to ‘crash for cash’ scams and prevent new drivers being taken advantage of.

Shampoo, Polish and Wax

No-one cleans their car more frequently and more thoroughly than a new driver, so help them out by making sure they’ve got all the cleaning essentials they’ll need. Car shampoo, polish and wax is a great gift but you can add sponges, brushes, tyre cleaners and glass cleaner if you want to go all out.

Sat Nav System

Getting from A to B can be tricky at any time but driving somewhere for the first time can be particularly nerve-wracking as a new driver. With a satellite navigation system, however, you can forget about which route to take and focus on the road instead.

Phone Holder

Giving a new driver a phone holder ensures they’ve got somewhere safe to store their phone when traveling and it minimizes any temptation to pick up your phone when you’re in the driver’s seat. Choose functional and stylish designs or opt for something wacky and fun.