Tips For Passing The Texas Drivers Written Test

 What to Study for the Written Tests

The test answers to every question can be located in the Texas Drivers Manual that can be found online or by obtaining a free copy from your local Texas Department of Motor Vehicles website. Each of the test questions is compiled from essential information found in the sections covered in this manual and the material is everything you will need to know to be a safe driver on the roads. The Department of Motor Vehicles needs to know in good conscience that you understand traffic laws and can properly follow signs and directions while on the road before issuing you permission to drive in the form of a restricted license. 

You will find test questions involving commonly found road signs and markings that will be encountered in everyday driving, as well some special directions determined to be important enough to cover. The following aspects will be included:

  • Common traffic signals such as red, yellow and green lights. Left turn signals at intersections and flashing red and yellow lights will also be covered. You must be able to provide the correct test answers when asked how to properly conduct a left turn at an intersection as this is the most dangerous of all intersection maneuvers.
  • Road markings such as solid and broken yellow lines and white lines as well as what the laws regarding these markings are can be found on the written tests for both the permit and final license.
  • How to read speed limit signs, where to locate them and the laws regarding following them
  • Special signs worth noting such as school zone speed limits, pedestrian crossings, railroad crossings and construction directions are also discussed

Ways to Assure a Passing Test Grade

In addition to studying the DMV handbook, there are several great ways to pass the written tests. Many online companies such as www.dmvcheatsheets.com work diligently to compile relevant information to use as an additional study guide when learning the aspects of safe driving. You can find practice tests through this site that will assist you in receiving a passing grade on the first attempt. Test questions are provided based on actual written exams for the state of Texas, ideal for determining which areas you need to study further. The test answers listed will show you which of the options the best reply was when you are faced with scenarios you will face regularly on the road, increasing your safe driving techniques.

Other great resources for preparation include informative articles and listings for useful tools you can utilize to assure you are safe while on the road and pass your tests with flying colors. Many great resources now have mobile applications for great studying while on the go or to use as reference while practicing driving. The best way to assure a passing test grade is use all the tools around you, study hard and take the testing process seriously.

The test will consist of multiple choice test questions based on the information you learned in driver’s education and with the DMV handbook. There will be a choice of four possible test answers, with only one being the most ideal choice. Practice your test taking skills while studying to assure that you can determine which two answers are incorrect and more importantly which is the best of the remaining two. You will find a mixture of road signs and markings, proper procedures, knowledge of traffic laws and several scenarios to which you must choose the safest option.